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Quick guide and safety instructions CIUS3 (pdf)

To control CIUS3 units up to serial number 240061 with software version 2 or 3, please observe the following
Notes on operating the CIUS Interface with USB and on installation (pdf).
When operating these devices with software version 4, the sections “Installation of the driver” and “Operation with USB” apply.

Background info: CIUS3 devices up to serial number 240061 use a virtual COM port for USB communication. These devices can be connected via USB with the older software version 2 or 3. However, the driver installation is a bit complicated, so that USB communication has been changed to HID (Human Interface Device) from serial number 240062. These devices require software version 4 for USB communication. Older CIUS3 devices can be converted to HID communication via firmware update.

Set in the software: PARAMETERS – INTERFACE
When working as a user with restricted rights, the interface is not saved.

Set in the software: PARAMETER – TEST
When working as a user with restricted rights, the online/offline is not saved.

E.g. by connecting to pin 23 (5V) or pin 18 (12V).


Preventive measures:
    – Cables (two each) are firmly screwed to each model.
       Short-circuit not possible, but more cable sets are required.
    – Mark cables in colour.

Connect both cables, input and output to CIUS2!
In version 1 of the Traffic Light model, the ground line is established via the input cable. Therefore, the cable for the inputs is also required even if you only want to operate the outputs.

The magnet of the ‘car’ can be re-magnetized, then the car will stay in the ‘garage’ even in vertical operation and will not fall out. Precondition: The washers are glued in there, which was not the case with the first specimens.
Please send in the cars for re-magnetization with a stamped envelope + return address:
emc Elektronik & Mechanik GmbH; Stollberger Str. 20a, 09380 Thalheim; Tel.: 03721-26830
If necessary, also order the washers.

The “car” can be ordered as a spare part from the company emc price: 4€

Do not forget to release the transport lock !
The screw is located on the left, a little above the ground floor.

For operating systems that know an administrator, install only in administrator mode, e.g. Windows XP, Windows 2000.
Always deactivate virus software before starting the installation.
Local installation (recommended), log on as local administrator.
Network installation, log on as network administrator.

The required local interface for the interface (COM1, COM2,…) must not only be free, but must also not be already occupied by other software.
Known problems: There are already blockades by PC connection setup via COM1, management software for notebooks, Palm, organizer etc.

The CIUS software version 2 runs smoothly under Windows XP.

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