The universal computer interface CIUS

The CIUS interface is a universal computer interface for:

  • measuring, open and closed loop control in industry and laboratory
  • explaining of technical tasks in education together with our complete models lift or traffic light

The interface can be programmed easily with a comfortable PC program and a few mouse clicks. The programming language is similar to BASIC.

Content of delivery:

  • the interface
  • serial cable for the connection with the PC
  • power supply cable
  • two 25pol. cables for the connection of the complete models
  • service via telephone or internet
  • power supply for additional charge 41,65 EUR incl. 19% VAT

The CIUS traffic light

The CIUS traffic light is a complete model for the CIUS interface.

  • traffic light for cars at every junction
  • “inductive sensor” for cars
  • traffic light for pedestrians at every junction
  • button for pedestrians
  • a small car model with magnet to switch the inductive sensor

The model can be shipped as set for classrooms and it can be stacked.

The CIUS lift

The CIUS lift is a complete model for the CIUS interface.

  • motor powered lift cabin, movement over 4 floors
  • call button on every floor
  • “lift is coming” light on every floor
  • floor select buttons and display for the floor at the base plate

CIUS Price list


net price

incl. 19%VAT

first device

298,00 €

354,62 €

second device

240,00 €

285,60 €

second device, 5 pieces

225,00 €

267,75 €

lift modell

198,00 €

235,62 €

lift modell, 5 pieces

189,00 €

224,91 €

traffic light modell

79,00 €

94,01 €

traffic light modell, 5 pieces

75,00 €

89,25 €

Power supply unit

42,00 €

49,98 €

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