CNC machine KOSY Low Cost

KOSY low cost machines are the entry to the world of CNC milling. An efficient manufacturing makes these machines affordable to hobby users. These machines have the same control, the same motors, ball screws and guide rails like the professional versions. So these machines works almost as precise as the bigger machines. Limitations You will only find in the Accessories (limited choice of milling units, no protection cell) and the software (3D support and LookAhead can be ordered additionally).

The KOSY controls of the MCS-100 series are suited to build own CNC machines or to upgrade existing machines of other manufacturers. They can be equipped with up to 6 stepping motor axis (35V, max. 2.5A, 1/16 micro step) as well as several digital inputs and outputs. The software nccad is included.

Table size

KOSY2-MCS Low Cost


185 x 300 mm


185 x 500 mm

Area of movement



180 x 320 x 108 mm DH 50


180 x 508 x 108 mm DH 50

X x Y x Z
DH = clearance = maximum height of the work piece


KOSY2-MCS Low Cost

Multi processor control MCS


CAD/CAM/CNC software nccad9




Short description of the machine

The linear guide rails are a self developed aluminum profile. Into this profile a hardened steel rail as guidance for the track rollers is mounted. The machine is powered by high performance stepping motors and slack-free ball screw. Electronic, and power supply are integrated in the base frame.