CNC machine KOSYportal

The machines of the series emc portal are suited for the milling of large and heavy work pieces, because these machines don’t move the machine table with the work piece. They move the portal with the milling unit in X, Y and Z axis. The machine can be placed on a machine rack with protection cell so high safety demands can be met. Additionally a lot of storing space is generated. This space can be used for accessories like vacuum pump, vacuum cleaning and HF converter. The usage of tightly screwed aluminum profiles allows an efficient adaptation of the emc portal machine to customer’s demands.

The machines of the emc portal series are equipped with more powerful stepping motors than the normal KOSY2-MCS or KOSY4 machines. This allows milling speeds up to 100 mm/sec (6 m/min) even with big milling tools as well as high speed movement with up to 200 mm/sec (12 m/min).

Table versions:

  • Longitudinal grooved profiles
  • Across grooved plain milled table
  • Vacuum fixing tables
  • Longitudinal grooved – vacuum combined table

Content of Delivery:

  • Multi processor control MCS with MCS-Add-on Kit for override functions
  • the CAD/CAM/CNC software nccad in Profi version
  • Support and help by telephone and email

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