Electronical depth control

The electronical depth control is used to keep the deept of the engraving constant.
Therefore the electronical depth control is mounted on the Z table of the CNC machine. An adjustable scan lever scans the surface of the workpiece at the engraver.

The base plate of the electronical depth control can be adjusted coarse by long holes and fine by a screw(+- 1/10 mm, hysteresis 0.05 mm). The scan lever and the electronics are pluged to the base plate and can be removed easily.

While working, the machine controls automaticly the Z axis to a constant position above the workpiece. Additionally the workpiece is pressed slightly down.

Content of delivery:

  • Base plate, scan lever, electronics with cable, mounting material
  • 1 scan lense PVC, additional lenses on request
  • Manual integrated in the nccad help function

Mechanical depth control

This depth control works completely mechanical. The milling unit is mounted on a sping to the Z axis. A slide head scans the surface and moves the spindle up and down so that the depth of the milling tool is constant.

A spring is compensating the weight of the milling unit but the mechanical stress to the work piece is higher than with the electronical depth control. The depth of engravings is set up by a screw. The mechanics can be fixed for normal milling operation.

The mechanical depth control can be used together with the Metabo milling unit and with a HF milling unit.

Content of delivery:

  • Mechanical depth control with slide head, mounting material
  • Additional slide heads on request
  • Manual integrated in the nccad help function

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