Tool length measurement

The accessory tool length measurement measures with a sensor the length of the tool after a tool change and corrects the Z position of the work piece zero point. A tool change becomes faster and more comfortable. The tool length measurement can be used for tools from 0.5 mm diameter to 8 mm and engravers.

The tool length measurement consists of a precision switch in a case which is mounted to the Y table. The switch is protected by a steel membrane.
The mounting position must be taught in once. After this, the measurement process can be started with a mouse click.

Content of delivery:

  • Switch in a case with cable
  • mounting material
  • operation manual in the help of nccad integrated

The automatic tool changer

The automatic tool changer allows the use of different tools without stopping the program for a manual change.

The automatic tool changer consists of:

  • a tool storage, mounted to the Y table
  • a control unit, e.g. magnetic valves, cables, plugs
  • a special CNC program to control the tool change
  • an operation instruction

The automatic tool changer requires a milling unit with pneumatic operated collet, e.g. a HF spindle.



  • HF spindle with pneumatic operated collet for direct clamping and e.g. a single line tool storage with 6 tools with equal shaft diameter. (left picture)
  • HF spindle with pneumatic operated collet for cone clamping and e.g. a single line tool storage with 6 tools with different shaft diameters. (right picture)


There are many possible versions of the tool changer depending on:

  • Number and position of tools
  • Equal or different shaft diameters
  • Type of the milling unit

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