The turning unit – CNC lathe and 4th CNC axis for KOSY

The KOSY CNC machine is expanded with the turning unit by a 4th axis (U axis). Existing machines may need to be equipped with a separate axis controller. The software nccad supports the control of the turning unit. So a manufacturing of rotational parts, forks, screws and many things more is becoming possible.

There are two versions available:

  • The small turning unit KSZD1 for CNC machines of the standard series – for simple tasks and small parts
  • The large turning unit KSZD2 for CNC machines with minimum clearance of 100 mm – for large parts and precision work

The motor unit is powered by a stepping motor and it is mounted to the Y table of the machine. The motor unit is connected to the interface. Now the software can perform a homogeneous rotation of the rotation axis or it can be moved to a certain position. In this position the work piece can be milled like at normal milling.
The turning unit is a 4th axis which can be involved in many composed movements (E.g. engraving round bodies, milling a spiral and others). The rotation speed can be adjusted by the software.

Content of delivery large turning unit:

  • Turning unit with cable
  • three-jaw chuck (for surcharge four-jaw chuck possible)
  • tail stock with center point
  • collet chuck with wrench and collets 3,0; 8,0 and 10,0 mm
  • mounting accessories

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