Bargains and special offers

On this page we have a permanent offer of production remnants for hobbyists.
If there is something for you, please contact us via our contact form.

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Special item aluminium parts


Item profile 5er groove, 20x20mm, piece length by 200mm
Item profile 5er groove, 20x40mm, piece length by 200mm
Item profile 8er groove, 40x40mm, piece length by 300mm
Item profile 8er groove, 40x80mm, piece length by 300mm
aluminium sheet 0.8…2mm thick, approx. 100x500mm
aluminium material, thickness 4/6/8/10 or 12mm, approx. 50x50mm

Special item Plastics


Plexiglas, 5mm dick, one 200x200mm
Polycarbonate, 6mm thick, around 200x200mm
PVC grey, 20/25mm thick, around 100x100mm